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We’re a loveable, crazy group that all contribute to SBN. Get to know us below, feel free to connect with any of us & check out the Contact Us page if you’d like to join the team!

Michael Abiuso, Founder of SwitchBitch Noise

mike abiusoMike is the founder of SwitchBitch Noise. He has been heavily involved in the music industry since he graduated college in 2006 and finds that having a unique outlet such as SwitchBitch Noise allows an exciting yet relaxing way to keep up on the music industry and keep up on his writing skills while assisting other artists gain visibility. It’s also quite an excuse for him to interact and get creative with staff to grow the site to it’s maximum potential. Contact him at Mike (at)

Music History – Band member of Kiss Kiss on Eyeball Records, The Gay Blades on Triple Crown Records and currently The Venetia Fair (formerly on Red Blue Records), Owner of SwitchBitch (Record Label, Recording Studio, and Music Magazine) and publicist at Behind The Curtains Media.

Fun Facts You May Not Know:
1) Favorite Fix – Surprise me with a black iced coffee and you’ll have my heart.
2) Most Musically Inspired by – The Mars Volta (De-Loused in the Comatorium)
3) Piercings – I pierced my eyebrow with a safety pin back in the late 90’s, my mother screamed and forced me to take it out. Then in 2003, she took me to get it pierced professionally to which I took it out and let it close up a week later, cause we all know, being allowed to do something is no fun.

Social Media:
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Courtney Keenan, Writer

courtneyAn avid lover of Magic: the Gathering and World of Warcraft, Courtney is an Atlanta-based writer dedicated to promoting the metal music industry. But don’t be fooled, she’s secretly a closet-hippie. Her dream job is to own her own music venue and run lighting and sound at it because who doesn’t like an awesome light show, right? She never wants her name in lights but finds nothing more fulfilling than supporting those who do.

Fun Facts You May Not Know:
1) Courtney has an irrevocable and painful passion for Dungeons & Dragons—more the lore than then game itself. Ask her anything about Drizzt Do’Urden or Erevis Cale and she’ll probably never shut up. Hint: don’t do it; the results are terrifying.
2) Tattoos – Despite having the Trivium logo as her first of many tattoos, Courtney basically worships the ground that Papadosio walks on. Funny, considering her spirit animal is a cute, baby black goat. Hail.
3) Same Sex Crush – Courtney has a massive crush on Alissa-White Gluz, formerly the front woman of Canadian metal band, The Agonist, now the vocalist for Arch Enemy.

Social Media:
Twitter: @ckeenan29
Instagram: @dovahkeenan
You can also find some of my work on

Hanna Yando, Writer & Website Manager


Recent graduate (young professional?!) Hanna writes for and manages the back-end of SBN’s website, growing her industry skills through all of SBR’s ventures. Currently based in Providence, RI she can be found frequenting the scene, in support of locals & touring bands alike. Outside of music, she enjoys novels, cuddly pets, travel and adventures. She also works as a publicist for Behind the Curtains Media. Contact her at Hanna (at)

Fun Facts You May Not Know:
1) Favorite Fix – Black hot coffee. You also can never go wrong with tea.
2) Best Travel Experience – well, one of them would be taking a impromptu trapeze class in Montreal. Terrifying (I don’t like heights) yet exhilarating and rather empowering as a way to get over my fear. I don’t know if I’d do it again, but it was very reasonably priced and not something you get to try everyday!
3) Tattoos – none yet, but I have multiple designs in the works. Ink stays on you forever so I don’t want to rush it.

Social Media:
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Jacob Stahl, Writer

jacobBorn and raised in Central Illinois, Jacob Stahl is originally the youngest of 3 brothers and now also the elder brother of two half-sisters. At the age of 14, Jacob began singing/songwriting and 10 years later is still putting the pen to paper as a solo artist, working under the title, Reed City Ruins. Currently, Jacob is in his second year, working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Music Production via Full Sail University.

Fun Facts You May Not Know:
1) Favorite Fix(s): Grandma’s Spaghetti/Pepsi/ A shot of my own invention known as “The Bloody Cum Shot”
2) Piercings / Tattoos: One tattoo “Killin’ It” on my forearm, Except the apostrophe is an eighth note because I’m musical, and I’ve bought a LOT of those over the years. TMI?
3) Dream Show Lineup: Flannel Mouth, TVF, Andrew WK, Say Anything, Modest Mouse, Foxy Shazam. Maybe myself in there someday.

Social Media:

Maria Gironas, Editor

mariaA Southern California native with a New York State of mind, Maria has been able to live in both of these great to experience the music scenes they have to offer. She hopes to one day work in the music business as a publicist and also venture into becoming a part time lyricist. In addition to SBN, Maria also writes for Mind Equals Blown, You Tell Concerts, and Infectious Magazine.

Fun Facts You May Not Know:
Born and Raised in Southern California
One of My Life Goals Is…To Work For Taylor Swift
Dream Show Lineup: Dashboard Confessional, Jack’s Mannequin and Explosions in the Sky

Social Media:
@mariagironas (Instagram/twitter)

Haley Flight, Writer

haleyflightHaley grew up outside of Boston and is now an Illustration major at Maine College of Art. When she’s not getting ink and paint under her nails she can be found hanging out at Port City Music Hall or Arabica Coffee Co. She was drawn to SwitchBitch Noise because of the tight knit community of artists operating under the SwitchBitch umbrella. If you’re ever in the Portland, Maine area and want to grab cup of coffee you can find her at:

Fun Facts You May Not Know:
1) Favorite Fix- Chocolate covered pretzels mean the world to me.
2) Tattoos- I gave myself two spontaneous stick n poke tattoos on my feet, the pain was worth it.
3) One of my life goals… is to have a kickass library treehouse.

Social Media:

Chris Hansen, Writer & Editorchrishansen

I have been a drummer for ten years, starting off on mostly punk rock music; now I play a variety of music, including funk, classic rock, but the most predominant would be heavy style music like metalcore, djent and melodic hardcore. When I’m not playing music, I’m definitely sinking my teeth into video games, either on PS4 or Xbox. My favorite game of all time is probably the Mass Effect Trilogy, Shadow of the Colossus or The Last of Us. The new game Destiny is also up there. I also heavily enjoy archery, which I have done since I was 9 years old. I am an aspiring audio engineer, and currently work as a sales associate at Sam Ash Music in the drum department. Basically if all of that fails, I’ll be watching Doctor Who, Arrow, depending on my mood American Dad/Family Guy, The Office and The League.

Fun Facts You May Not Know:
1) I have three tattoos: A traditional style Phoenix on my left calf, the Blink-182 smiley on my right ribs, and a “&” on my left forearm. The phoenix represents new beginnings from ash and that things have the potential to be renewed. The Blink-182 smiley is one of my biggest inspirations; I wouldn’t be anywhere I am today if it wasn’t for them. The “&” represents the “and” or “upbeat” in music, which was something that always stood out to me when I first started playing music in band.
2) Same Sex Crush: Matt Smith, the eleventh doctor of Doctor Who.
3) My most musically inspired bands and people would be Blink-182 and Travis Barker. He really pushed me to take drums to the new level. As I got older, drummers Matt Greiner of August Burns Red, Adam Gray of Texas In July and Grant McFarland who was in This or The Apocalypse. While all of those bands are from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they all had a significant impact on my drumming career. Watching, talking and learning from these guys has made be such a better drummer, not just skillfully but have increased my knowledge and understanding of drums.

Social Media:
Twitter: @hanzzz78
Instagram: @hanzzz78

Alicia Bowen, Writer

aliciaMy name is Alicia, I’m 17, but I turn 18 October 15th. I reside in the city of Salem which is the capital of Oregon. My favorite bands are A Day To Remember, The Story So Far, All Time Low, and Pierce The Veil. I have 3 dogs, 6 cats, and 1 bearded dragon. I have my own music press business called Punk Alternative Press. You can follow me on twitter and tumblr.

Fun Facts You May Not Know:
1) Happiest day ever was when I went to The House Party Tour date in Portland last year. I met my favorite band photographer, Adam Elmakias, and I also handed Jeremy McKinnon a drawing and he said it was amazing.
2) One of My Life Goals Is… to either work with horses for a living or do something band/music related!
3) Favorite Fix: Favorite food would have to be pizza and favorite drink is Dr Pepper.

Social Media:
Punk Alternative Press Twitter
Tumblr (personal)

John Kiernan, Writer & EditorJohnKiernan

Hey guys! I’m John, a composer and guitarist from New Jersey. I’ve been playing and writing music for ten years and have involved with the music industry since 2006. I’ve performed with Slash from Guns N Roses, Less Than Jake and many other bands, as well as have scored many films. I’m into a plethora of musical styles; however, my heart leads me mostly to melodic hardcore punk, video game music, classical music and solo guitar music.

I’ve worn the composer, editorialist, teacher, performer, engineer and many other hats in the industry and I am proud to say that music is my life! Contact him at John (at)

Fun Facts You May Not Know:
1) I’m a self professed wrestling aficionado. WWE, TNA, Lucha Underground…come at me!
2) I’m a music teacher at the Piano Workshop at Bergen County in Bergen County, NJ.
3) I’m an avid horror movie buff, though I dig horror games & flicks with a good story the most. Mama (or anything Guillermo Del Toro, really), Silent Hill, Allison Road and Housebound are amongst my favorites!

Social Media:

General inquiry? Reach our entire team at submissions@

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