[EXCLUSIVE MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE] Voices of Extreme – “Call My Name”

Voices of Extreme

VOICES OF EXTREME celebrates their bassist Steven G. Knight’s birthday with their new release “Call My Name”. “We wanted to do something special for Steven and let everyone know to join in the celebration of his birthday on April 24 and we figured what better way than to combine it with our brand new release says Don Chaffin, lead vocalist/guitarist for the band.  Voices of Extreme is a power trio hailing from New York and has just finished a tour with Geoff Tate from Queensryche and currently planning their summer touring schedule. The band’s history dates back to 2004 with it’s inception and now proudly lists it’s members as Don Chaffin (Lead Vocalist/Guitarist), Steven G. Knight (Bass) and Bobby Marks (Drums). Steven joined the band in early 2016 and has fortified his position with a powerful ensemble of chops and performance. He has a big fat low end groove that just doesn’t quit says Bobby Marks who himself has lent his mighty backbeat to several national bands throughout the years. Don goes on saying that Steven is a very special person who is passionate about his music and this band and we know that he will be quite flattered when his fans, family members and friends join him in this birthday celebration! For more info on the band, please visit www.voicesofextreme.com and facebook.com/voicesofextreme

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