“Have you seen these guys before?”

Nope, first time!

“Oh! Well you’re in for a treat!”

I would say that a half dozen people told me that (or something similar) before Flagship took the stage at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, New York on Friday, November 6.  I would also say that they were correct.

From these guys hit the stage, I was enthralled with their ability to command the attention of every person in the room with their huge stage presence. Their energy was highlighted even more by their solid music and proficiency on each of their respective instruments. They cranked out song after song, each on seemingly better than the last. Their energy was so infectious that my only complaint would be that they ended their set on a bit of a ballad, where I was hoping for more boot- stomping revelry.

Their stage set up was simple, but impactful. Huge LED lights flashed on and off behind them, enhancing the beautiful swells and dips written into their music. The crowd moved, clapped, and sang along. Despite being a fairly new band and from out of the area (they hail from North Carolina), they seem to have a really concrete fan base, which made the show even more electric.

These guys may be new, but -believe me- they won’t be for long. If you haven’t had a chance to catch them, you’ve still got a few dates. You can find the rest of their tour dates with A Silent Film, as well as buy tickets, and learn more about the band at their website [HERE]. Go check them out live if you can. Believe me, you’re in for a treat.

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