Forest Pooky Has Released His New EP ‘We’re Just Killing Time Before We Die’

Forest Pooky We're Just Killing Time

Punk rocker, Forest Pooky just released his new EP ‘We’re Just Killing Time Before We Die’!

Forest Pooky started out as a musician when his older brother started a band, saying: “leaving me with way less attention than a young teenager needs from his siblings!  A bass was sitting in our house so basically, I started singing, playing bass, and then guitar from boredom and envy around 14…good thing I discovered I loved it!”

When asked about the writing and recording process for the new EP Forest Pooky has this to say: “Hard. I spent two weeks in a remote French location late January 2016, puzzling out ideas into songs. It was so cold inside the house that, I had to open the windows to get a bit a warmth coming from outside. No internet, no phone signal. I actually experienced somewhat of a mini depression from the cold and solitude.”

After hearing the demos, Rene Van Der Zee (from the band Cooper) in The Hague, NL, joined him to pre-produce the EP before recording the final tracks in Blois, France, with Fred Norguet.

“It´s about fully living in the present, enjoying it as much as you can,” Forest Pooky went on to explain. “Being stuck in the past or running towards the future is a trap most of us are caught in. ‘We´re just killing time before we die’ means we have no time to bitch around. Time flies whatever you do so, make the best of it, make it fun, make it interesting. It also implies that it takes a fair effort to be happy most of the time. Happiness is not a final goal, it is more of a continuous state of mind, a philosophy.”

The artwork made by Gaëtan Colpart and Mickson from Lille. “They have been part of the indie punk associative scene as graphists for some time now.” Done in a calavera style, the artwork is related to the famous Mexican “Dia de los Muertos”. A time where people celebrate their dead while remembering and honoring their memory. “We all just come and go. Enjoy your time as much as you can.”

Forest Pooky has also shared the stage recently with Frank Turner and he has this to say about the experience: “I met Frank back in 2006. Sweetest guy, the greatest crew including Sam Duckworth who was also on the bill with who I became good friends with. I’ve been invited to tour with Frank for 11 shows on this one. It went really well. Lots of people came in from England and Germany for several shows in a row, on top of the french crowd. I just came back from a six-month trip, playing shows around the world so, stoked to see people who support my music again, and meeting new guys from Frank Turners´ music lovers. It seems Franks fans got into my songs, fortunately, his crowd is a music loving one so, except for the occasional drunk English dude (that I kind of like), I pretty much got the silent and listening crowd every night.”

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