His Dream Of Lions Premiere “Next Stop, Fall City”!

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“It was only a matter of time until the kids who grew up listening to the edgy emo-tinged rock of the mid-2000s grew up and started playing in the sandbox built by bands like Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance.” – All Music

Fairfax, VA | November 5, 2014 – His Dream Of Lions is here to not only release killer tunes, but to tell a story. After a roaring response to their lead single, “The Pace Car,” these Fairfax, VA alternative rockers have partnered with Absolute Punk in order to stream their second single, “Next Stop, Fall City.” This second single continues to tell the story of the girl on their album cover, except from the perspective of someone this girl has left behind rather than the main character herself. In regards to this single, His Dream Of Lions had a lot to say:

“We’ve shown the listener that we can do loud and hard, but to pull things in, have an intimate moment, and still make it powerful, that’s what this song is here to accomplish.”

“Next Stop, Fall City” in combination with “The Pace Car,” define what His Dream Of Lions were hoping to accomplish “Part Two.” His Dream Of Lions’ unique storytelling approach is what sets them apart from other bands of this genre. Both singles, as well as the entire album, were recorded at Studio V with producer Ben Green (Fairweather). His Dream Of Lions has partnered with Globe Garage Records for a special pressing of people “Part One” & “Part Two” on a 12″ vinyl, which is available for pre-order here:http://bit.ly/HDOLVinyl.

Listen to ‘Next Stop, Fall City,’ 

What the press are saying about His Dream Of Lions:

“‘The Pace Car’ is a fast-tracked, sing-a-long tune that will be stuck in your head within a matter of seconds.” – Blast Out Your Stereo

“Where the melodramatically melodic My Chemical Romance left off (the side projects don’t count) Virginia rockers, His Dream Of Lions, have picked up the slack with the ultra-appealing single ‘The Pace Car’.” – Speak Into My Good Eye

“Unlike many young bands, there is a lot of thought put into every move made by His Dream Of Lions.” – Under The Gun Review

About His Dream Of Lions:

We’re all after something, and it’s the thrill of the chase that keeps us on. For the five young alternative rockers in His Dream Of Lions, the thrill they find is in chasing their dreams. Having known one another through the local Fairfax Virginia music scene, guitarist Nick Jones, singer Seth Coggeshall, and bassist Blair Kilner came together during the spring of 2012 to form the band that would eventually become His Dream Of Lions. After a full year of non-stop gigging and writing, the band’s lineup was finalized with the addition of drummer Jack Dunigan and keyboardist Colby Witko.

With the new members in place, the group quickly realized they needed a name that would stand to signify the moral intent behind the band. In Ernest Hemingway’s novel, “The Old Man and The Sea,” the main character experiences reoccurring dreams of lions playing on the beach. Even with the knowledge that they could drown, the lions carry on, representing a sense of adventure the old man once had. By taking the name, His Dream Of Lions, the members hope to be reminded of the ambitious spirit they promised never to lose.

Building off the support of their loyal and rapidly growing fan base, His Dream Of Lions continued onto a string of successes, playing with artists such as Aaron Carter, Jonny Craig, There For Tomorrow, Australia’s Got Talent winner Joe Robinson, as well as releasing a critically acclaimed cover of Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem”.

By the time June of 2013 rolled around, the band felt they had generated sufficient buzz, both local and national, to warrant the recording of their double EP, a concept record inspired by their love of storytelling. Once hitting the studio with producer Ben Green (Fairweather), the band released their debut record simply titled “Part One” in March of 2014. The opening track, “Novel”, has gained significant commercial success, climbing to #7 on the NMW Top 40 Chart, and #7 on the NMW Hot 100 Singles Chart.

Following the success of “Novel,” the band decided to partner with Bryan Stars for the release of their “Elsa” music video, the band’s second single off of “Part One.” With no sign of letting up from the Virginia based quintet, listeners can expect to find the smashing continuation of “Part One”, wittily entitled “Part Two,” to be released on December 2nd.

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