His Dream Of Lions Streams New Single “The Pace Car”

Alternative rock band, His Dream Of Lions, has been hard at work in order to ensure that people realize they are more than “just another Warped Tour band.” Recently, the band revealed their EP artwork in addition to the concept of their upcoming release, “Part Two,” proving how much thought this group puts into everything they do. Now, the band has paired up with All Music for the exclusive premiere of their lead single, “The Pace Car.” His Dream Of Lions described the track as:


“One of the defining songs for this record, we knew that if we could pull off some of the thematic elements that happen in this track people would know that we aren’t here to be pigeon holed as just another pop punk boy band … Lyrically, ‘The Pace Car’ wears the message of the EP on its sleeve “I wanna’ I oughta’ rob the world and sell off all the rest.”


“The Pace Car” is heavily influenced by Queen, which is apparent in the operatic and grand moments that occur towards the end of the track, especially throughout the vocal line. You can listen to “The Pace Car” exclusively on All Music here: http://bit.ly/HDOLThePaceCarStream


What the press are saying about His Dream Of Lions:

“United by a passion for music, His Dream Of Lions writes songs inspired by “The Old Man And The Sea” to help advocate a spirit of adventure of their listeners.” – The Dominion Collective


“Dead. Done. I Quit. I can’t get enough of this song!” – Hot Band Boys on His Dream Of Lion’s “Elsa”


“Unlike many young bands, there is a lot of thought put into every move made by His Dream Of Lions.” – Under The Gun Review



His Dream Of Lions Online:

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