NEEDLE POINTS Announce Yin Yang Eyes Spring Tour!

Needle Points
For fans of: Dr. Dog, The Allah-las, T. Rex, Tame Impala

Philadelphia, PA // April 11, 2017: After returning from the successes of their previous tour with mewithoutyou, downtime is the last thing on the minds of psych-boogie outfit, Needle Points as they announce their upcoming Digital Tour Bus sponsored excursion in support of their LP titled Feel Young. For this latest effort the group employed the refined ears and groovy expertise of Dr. Dog guitarist and vocalist Scott McMicken, who’s tasteful touch and influence shines through on every track. McMicken, who undoubtedly knows a thing or two about what it means to be ‘vibey’ candidly referred to the Philly five piece as the “vibey-est band ever”, a compliment that is not to be taken lightly. The alluring psychedelic album art for Feel Young is the perfect visual representation of the bands bright and blissful sonic offerings as well as the group’s overall hippy-chic aesthetic. Adorned in leopard print, dangling amulets, and tassels for-days, Needle Points are prepared to hit the open road and cast their spell upon all those who share the belief that rock and roll is alive and well, and that music is a dish best served with cold beer, wide smiles and rad f%$&ing haircuts.

NEEDLE POINTS “Yin Yang Eyes Tour”

Needle Points

Along the way, the band plans on chronicling their musical exploits and adventures via the NeedLove Radio podcast, a media outlet run by the Philadelphia based indie label NeedLove Records which was started by the band and has served as a vehicle for their music and various creative ventures since 2013. The groups collective design talents and crafty leanings have allowed them to create and customize their merchandise, and has even caught the eye of the Philadelphia based clothier Free People which purchased and released one of their t-shirt designs in 2016.

So be sure to tune-in to the NeedLove Radio podcast as the band shares the inevitable highs and lows of life on the road, or better yet, get out there and see them for yourself! Maybe a bit of the magic will permeate your soul and lift you off the dance floor, or maybe you’ll just bask in the glow that radiates from the speakers as the band swirls through a rendition of “Corazon”. Whatever it is, and wherever you are, Needle Points are sure to lighten your heavy spirt and leave you feeling like the world is not so bad a place after all.


Needle Points is a psych-boogie outfit from Philadelphia. Get stoned and then imagine Keith Richards trying to play punk music in like ’78 right after Some Girls came out… that’s what Needle Points sounds like. They wear make-up, animal print, have their own design company and record label, keep buying fuzz pedals and then losing them, and have hair for days, weeks even. They made their latest album Feel Young with Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog who called them the ‘vibey-est band ever.”

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