Nick Jordan releases new video for ‘Commas’

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Nick Jordan fosters a hard punching call-to-action in his new music video 

On Saturday the Los Angeles based emcee Nick Jordan dropped a wild new vid for his song “Commas”. If you’ve been following Jordan’s youtube channel, you may have noticed a pattern, as this latest video is the 4th in a string of consecutive monthly offerings. Jordan has been consistently releasing new visuals to accompany his sometimes serious, sometimes comical, yet always honest brand of west-coast hip hop for the past 4 months and “Commas” most definitely showcases Jordan’s more humorous and light hearted side. This new video is a shout out to all the hard working people of the world hustling hard to pay the bills. So regardless of the occupation, if you’re punching the clock for the Man, Jordan reminds us that it’s all about getting them commas! Watch the video below:

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