[Noise of the Week] From the Makers Of “Feast” EP Review

Feast EP

Now, who said Halloween could only be celebrated once a year? No one, that’s who, and Massachussetts’ hardcore quartet From the Makers Of are ensuring that fans can celebrate year-round.

The two track EP Feast reaches us just before the release of the full length Naturalist which will be co-released via AllAboutRecords and Super Moon Records, and is just as filthy as you could hope for two songs centered around the most ghoulish time of year. The first track is an original and follows a pretty standard feel for hardcore music, blending snappy riffs and melodies with tantalizing vocals and lyrics. After all, who wouldn’t want to “appear undead?” Lyrically fun and musically tasty, “New Hands” is the ideal treat for you post-Halloween tricksters. The track is perfectly reminiscent of early Converge and Fall of Troy—two staples in the hardcore industry.

The real gem on this EP though is the cover of “Brains!” by Voltaire. You may know this track a bit better from season one of Cartoon Network’s “Billy and Mandy.” While the album artwork alludes to this episode (take a look at those jelly eyes just one more time) the track is perfectly suited for this hardcore quartet. Matt Magnell does a killer job with the vocals in this track, giving it the almost vaudevillian style the song was recorded with and pairing it with the driving drums and guitar. Guitarist Billy Silvers does a spectacular job of taking place of the violins in the original and giving the song a decidedly swing-y feel. Guaranteed you’ll be moving and grooving with this track.

Feast is an spectacular effort overall, and definitely keeps fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation of Naturalist’s release in early 2016. Be sure to swing by and give these boys some good old social media loving!

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From the Makers Of

For fans of: Protest the Hero, Converge, Fall of Troy, At the Drive-in, Such Gold.

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