Andrew Eichinger of Seaway discusses new album Vacation

We’re all very excited about the release of you new album, Vacation! What can you tell us about the writing process? Was it different this time around?

It was definitely a bit different this time around because we had a lot more time. We were able to do a couple weeks of pre production months before we actually went into the studio to track for real. This gave us a period to listen and reflect on the songs and improve upon them.

If you had to pick a favorite track on the new album, what would it be and why?

“Lula on the Beach,” just because it’s the most different sounding song on the record and probably the most fun we’ve had writing a song in a long time. It came together very quickly and didn’t really change all that much from the original demo.

What are some of your most played tracks of the summer? Any new releases that you’ve been really into? 

My summer album this year has been “Something To Tell You” by HAIM. It’s such a fun feel good pop record with great hooks.

Do you have any non music-related hobbies or passions that inspire your creativity as an artist?

I feel like reading and watching movies definitely help to inspire creativity and I do a lot of both. But my favourite hobby that definitely has nothing to do with being an artist is watching hockey.

If Seaway were to cover any one album in its entirety, what would it be and why?

Probably “Idle Will Kill” by Osker. It’s just a really cool and original sounding punk record with really well written songs. One of few records it’s seems that everyone in the band collectively loves.

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Photo by Ian Rees

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