Company of Thieves with Walk The Moon [Live Gallery + Show Review]

After a lengthy hiatus, Company of Thieves is back with a new EP set for release in February, and a national tour with Walk The Moon. Philadelphia welcomed them back with open arms last Sunday at The Fillmore. Fans showed up early enough to catch their set, even while the city’s beloved Eagles competed for the NFC Championship.

Frontwoman Genevieve Schatz’s energy on stage is as infectious as her voice. The group performed new songs “Treasure” and “Window” from their forthcoming EP entitled Better Together along with old favorites like “Oscar Wilde. If you’re as excited as we are about Company of Thieves getting back together, you can support their future endeavors via their crowd funding page. In exchange for your donation, the band is offering a variety of unique experiences including handwritten lyrics, a Skype chat, a dinner date with the band, or even a private show at your home!

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All photos by Ali Brant Photography

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