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It’s summer time, and already, I can’t wait to be driving around blasting Braddock Station Garrison’s Hint of Recognition which was just released on 16 April 2015.  This album is sure to soothe the mind and body with its funky vibe. In addition to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, REM, Big Star, Cheap Trick, and Aerosmith – which are some comparisons their fans identify them with- I also hear a touch of  Red Hot Chili Peppers and even The Smiths. If those artists don’t tickle your fancy, I don’t know who will, so be sure to give this record a solid listen!

Stream single “Forgotten Teenage Dream” below:

Vocalist and guitarist Steve Schillinger states, “We think this record is a step forward. It has some different styles, but to us it works, it’s cohesive. We are really proud of it.”

…and cohesive it is, which was actually surprising when I learned that the drummer Michael Chapman had written the 7th track on the record, “Stop & Reflect”, because the album flow was seamless from start to finish. Catching my ears almost instantaneously, were the infectious White Stripes vibed bass lines (and tones) of “Lies” and the western, gritty rock tones of “Never in Danger” with a side of hooks reminiscent of Gary Jules’ Mad World. These tracks quickly became my favorites.

Any Foo Fighters fans out there? Listen up as Tom Soha (Lead Guitarist) mentions I was not getting a good tone out of my guitar for Any Day Any Way and Hey Cindy. [Our engineer] Eamonn recommended his Gibson Les Paul and I played it. Turns out it was the same guitar the Foo Fighters used on Feast and the Famine from their new record.”

The band continues to write new and more challenging music, already casting their eyes toward their third record, which they hope to record in the Fall of 2016. A Hint of Recognition is just a small taste of the incredible places this band is headed! For more information and links to connect with the band,  see below.

“If you don’t begin seeing this album cover everywhere soon it would really surprise me, because these boys are really doing something different and special!”SwitchBitch Noise



Rachel Cusick


More about Braddock Station Garrison:

Braddock Station began as a project between old friends Tom Soha and Steve Schillinger. What started as an acoustic project around songs from an old notebook of Steve’s grew into an electric rock and roll band with the addition of drummer Michael Chapman and bassist Patrick McCann. Together they took those old songs, wrote some new songs, and arranged them into a collection of original music that brought a modern take on classic rock and roll ideas.

In the summer of 2013 they settled on 6 original songs for their debut record. Working with the legendary Don Zientara (the man behind the board for records by Fugazi, Foo Fighters, The Dismemberment Plan, Shudder To Think, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and many other DC bands) at his Inner Ear Studio in Arlington VA, the band was proud to bring HIGH WATER to life. The album was well received on several music review sites, and had cuts featured on the Radio Free Americana internet radio station and the DC Hometown Sounds podcast.

Braddock Station Garrison played regularly at DC area clubs like Firehouse No. 6, The Red Palace, The Bier Baron, The Black Squirrel, and The Tree House Lounge, as well as a trip to Baltimore to play The Sidebar. Unfortunately, bassist Patrick had to move away at the start of 2014. He was quickly replaced by veteran musician Jim Bledsoe, formerly of Rebelicious. Jim left the band in summer of 2014 for opportunities with touring artists, but he helped cement the band as an exciting live act with shows at Empire, Axum Lounge, The Grog & Tankard in Stafford VA, and a debut in New York City at Desmond’s Tavern.

In June of 2014, the band had the honor to support national recording artist King’s X when their tour played Empire in Springfield VA. Patrick flew back as a special guest for this amazing show, capping an already memorable night.

Michael Haddad joined Braddock Station Garrison as the new bassist in July 2014. A veteran of several North Carolina and Virginia bands, both original and cover, Michael brought a modern influence to the band which solidified their lineup. With some old songs re-arranged and some new songs written, the band visited The Bastille Recording Studio in Arlington VA in January 2015 to record their second album, A HINT OF RECOGNITION. This effort was produced by the studio owner Eamonn Aiken and was released on April 19, 2015 with a CD release show at Arlington’s famed Iota Club and Cafe. The band continues to play regularly around DC with repeat appearances at The Black Squirrel and Axum Lounge and maiden gigs at Galaxy Hut and Flanagan’s Harp & Fiddle.

Songs from the new record have been added to the rotation for the DanPop, Pop That Goes Crunch, and Rumble Radio (from the UK) internet radio stations. Songs have also been featured on the DC Hometown Sounds (again!) and Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More (from Sweden) podcasts.

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