REVIEW: Drastic Andrew’s “Life Without Warning”

Santa Fe, New Mexico – With their recent release, Life Without Warning, the southwestern quintet Drastic Andrew presents familiar sounds with a new presentation. Brief glances at this album will give you a full scope of what this band is all about, life in an unadulterated and unfiltered scope. Through the eye of the every man, Live Without Warning provide a varied smorgasbord of musical influences, ranging from Whiskeytown and Ryan Adams to later releases by The Beatles and Neil Young.

Songs like “Now”, “Alien Creature”, and “Evolution” exhibit classic rock sensibilities in their truest form. Each individual part strengthens the theme of the song and builds on a theme. The opener recalls the sinewy grooves of 80’s pop[rock with dueling synthesizer lines to put the finishing touches on the picture. Drastic Andrew, in the case of songs like “Alien Creature”, show a real skill for spinning familiar themes through unusual approaches while nevertheless offering listeners an unique experience each time out. Softer tracks like the title cut and “Every Minute of the Day” find Drastic Andrew restraining the guitars-first approach heard on the more rock-oriented tracks in favor of affecting, melodic affairs.

Formed in 2011, the five-piece rock based Americana band consisting of lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and band leader Andrew MacLauchlan, lead guitarist, backing vocalist, director/arranger Ben Wright, drummer and percussionist Michael Chavez, bassist Noah Baumeister, and keyboardist Kevin Zoernig performs regularly at Santa Fe & Albuquerque’s lively bars, brewpubs and performance spaces. Their September 2011 debut release, Save the Machine, received rave reviews from local music press and the single, “John Henry”, has been in regular rotation on Santa Fe’s KBAC! Drastic Andrew’s music is a regular feature on the weekly Frogville Radio Hour on the same station. With State of Denial came the honor of 5 nominations from the New Mexico Music Awards- a nationally juried organization, with the band winning “Best Arrangement of a Country Song”. Songs from State of Denial are currently in rotation at 43 independent and college radio stations nationally and in Canada.

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