SUPER SNAKE Ruined Valentine’s Day with New Sludge-Doom-Dirty-Disgusting Record, ‘Leap of Love’

SuperSnake SwitchBitch Noise

For fans of:  Red Fang, Queens of The Stone Age, White Zombie, Trophy Scars,
High On Fire,The Butthole Surfers, Deftones

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Teaneck, NJ // February 14, 2017: With the arrival of Valentine’s Day, I think it is safe to say that many of us (regardless of relationship status) are simply not ‘feeling the love’. Maybe it’s the state of the world in general or maybe your favorite sports team recently faced a devastating loss, or maybe you’re just genuinely lonely. Whatever’s got you down, we feel your pain, and we understand the anguish that is tormenting your mortal soul. We get it, it’s tough out there in the big world.

However, thankfully not everyone is so down in the dumps. And by ‘not everyone’ we basically just mean the members of the New Jersey doom quintet known as Super Snake, who have teamed-up with the folks at New Noise Magazine for the premiere of their new album, Leap of Love [LINK] which officially drops today. These torchbearers of gloomy psych-rock are still glowing after a damn near sold-out album release show at Mexicali Live for their sophomore effort which has already been receiving some serious praise from the likes of Brooklyn Vegan [LINK] who referred to their single “Big Seize” as “A hell of a track,” and Pure Grain Audio who premiered the bands second single “Spirit Cave” offering further support by way of a free download [LINK].

SuperSnake SwitchBitch Noise

Leap Of Love is the kind of album that will swallow you whole. It’s violent but sexy, sludgy yet clear in its artistic vision, and haphazard while thematically remaining incredibly cohesive. While the sounds of Super Snake may not reunite you with your lost love or bring your dead pet back to life, it will provide a certain degree of escapism and catharsis, which I think we can all agree, is desperately needed.

Conceptually the songs on the album are linked by sordid tales of love (hence the album title), but the lyrics are unique and distorted and leave a lot of room for personal interpretation. Produced by Kevin Antreassian from the Dillinger Escape Plan, Leap Of Love is Super Snake’s profound re-introduction to the world. Comprised of veteran musicians, and fronted by the sinister incantations of Jerry Jones, the band understands what it takes to make a killer record, and Leap Of Love defies all expectations and shows an astonishing amount of growth when compared to their 2013 debut Summer Girls & Rider.

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Bio: Super Snake is a mouthful of psychedelics washed down with ten beers while listening to Black Sabbath and the dirtier parts of Sonic Youth. It wasn’t always like this, but the New Jersey quintet has recently discovered their true wheel house after dropping two independently released, warmly received, EPs. The band embarked on a special journey to ensure the recording of their recent full length was as spellbinding and unpredictable as the journey itself. “Leap of Love”, the new LP, was recorded with Kevin Antreassian from the Dillinger Escape Plan in a haunted cabin in the middle-of-nowhere northern Virginia on a 150-acre-property. The band managed to terrify neighboring horses, destroy golf carts, build bonfires so big they ripped a hole in the sky, lose large sums of money to producer, Antreassian, in high-stakes cee-lo games, detonate explosive targets with assault weapons, and most importantly, record some of the biggest, grooviest, dirtiest riffs and feedback against mountains alongside their colossal bonfires all while consuming near lethal doses of shaman-esque medicine. Yes, needless to say, “Leap of Love” is a trip. A trip that has taken nearly two committed years to complete. All the sticky details are there for your listening pleasure. Sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy the leap.

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